DTE Energy Supply

What will I see on my bill?

The SCO price will appear on your bill and DTE Energy Supply will be identified as your SCO supplier.


I am a business customer and exempt from sales tax due to the nature of my business. What do I need to do to eliminate sales tax charges from my bill?

In order for us to be able to stop charging you sales tax, you need to provide us with a sales tax exemption certificate (PDF).  

Please complete the form and send it to:

DTE Energy Supply
Ohio Gas SCO Customer Service
414 South Main Street, Suite 200
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Alternatively, you can e-mail a scanned copy to DTESupply@dteenergy.com or fax it to 734.887.4065. Please be sure to include your name, utility company,account number and phone number in the e‐mail/fax cover sheet in case we have follow‐up questions.

Once received by us, future bills will reflect your tax exemption. Refunds on sales tax already paid can be claimed from the Ohio Department of Taxation.


Who do I contact for customer service questions?

Vectren Energy Delivery continues to be the first contact for the majority of questions. This includes calls regarding:

  • Safety
  • Moves / service cancellations
  • Billing inquiries on any items outside of the supply charges (such as metered usage, distribution charges, account balance or payment arrangements)

Vectren Energy Delivery's customer service can be reached at 800.277.1376.

DTE Energy Supply will be your contact for all questions regarding the SCO rate and sales tax charges. You can reach our customer service hotline at 866.807.2209 during our business hours 
(8 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday).


Can I still change my provider?

Customers continue to have the option to shop for their own natural gas supply, either through an individual agreement with a certified Choice supplier of through a governmental aggregation program.

For more information. please visit the Web site of the Public Utility Commission of Ohio




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